Son Ambulance

Someone Else’s Déjà Vu in stores 7/8/2008


Someone Else’s Déjà Vu Reviews

“a glimpse of Knapp at the paragon of his creative powers; it is a chronicling of a man carefully sculpting and crafting his idiom.”
~Delusions of Adequacy

“Someone Else’s Deja Vu is pretty and makes me feel better.”
~Feminist Review

“…an impressive collection of melancholy and autumnal kitchen-sink indie pop.”
~All Music Guide

“If the ultra-lo-fi shitgaze genre represents one extreme of indie pop, Son Ambulance clearly represents the other.”

“Son Ambulance crafts a unique and intriguing pastoral soundscape worthy of exploration.”

“Whether representative of a deep, complex dream or some fitful hallucination, the band’s extensive use of musical ambience draws you deep into their world.”

“Without reinventing the wheel, Joe Knapp offers honest songs perfect for a summer’s day”